Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Hands-On Final Cut Pro X (Video)

Prior to the release of Final Cut Pro X, available on the App store for $299, was filmed by Matt’s Macintosh, in which he pointed at some new functions, including the magnetic timeline, the iMovie-like UI as well as some additional support Apple has provided through the software update. This video embedded below specifically tells about how real-time rendering allows to import, edit and play clips in seconds.

The Final Cut Pro X provides a wide array of content, including animations, titles, transitions, and effects sequences, all accessible and editable within the application. We also have access to all of the transform functions (crop, scale, rotate, and distort) as well as keyframing of those effects without having to jump between different parts of the interface. Addition to it, you have new functions like color grading, audio editing, Bottom line, Auto Analysis, Auditions, Magentic Timeline, Rolling and much more awesomeness packed in.

In simple words ‘With this new application, video pros can no longer follow traditional ways of working.’


Enjoy the video!