Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Hackers Able To Run iOS Apps On Apple TV

Since the Apple TV debuted in the market with dual core processor, many users have found out it useful but only with jailbreaking the firmware. As we know, Apple has combined the iOS devices features with other iOS devices like AirPlay of iOS devices with Apple TV to mirror the display on bigger screen. However, still Apple TV is not much impressing to replace it as the primary set-up box for entertainment.

In the past, we have seen number of under process projects for the Apple TV by third party developers with help of jailbreaking, like converting Apple TV into a small web server, and playing games on the Apple TV all things become possible on A5 powered Apple TV with jailbreaking. In addition to these undergoing projects, the infamous iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith teamed up with other iOS developers and kick out another project in the process, which will allow users to run applications on Apple TV like iOS devices.


The team is not just trying to make the project possible, they actually have done with the starting process, and successfully able to run applications on the Apple TV with help of other developers tool like rewrite version of iOS springboard and the complete custom version of the Apple TV firmware, which allows them to run application on the device.

The developers has done a lot of work on the Apple TV firmware, and rewrite the firmware completely to include couple pieces of code into it to make applications run on the A5 processor. The developers has not announced or hinted any release date of this hack, and seems they require a lot of work before making it public for the Apple TV users with jailbreak.