Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Hacker Releases The Siri Proxy Server To Add Custom Functions In iPhone 4S Siri

You must have heard about the hackers who successfully cracked the Siri security protocols with Apple Servers and managed to get it working on every device, including Mac OS X, Windows, and Android too. The hackers over Applidium had made the tools available last week to the public, while announcing the achievement. The tools they publish allow developers to make custom calls to Siri, as well as enable them to test their applications with Siri support.

In addition to the Applidium discovery of tools, a hacker just comes up with the addition to their tools, and releases the proxy server for iPhone 4S Siri and called it “Siri Proxy,” According to the developer of the proxy server. The main function of this Siri Proxy server is to enable other developers to add their custom commands in the Siri, able them to test Siri inside their applications. The hacker has releases the Siri Proxy as a open-source project on the most famous repository called github, under his name ‘plamoni’, similar to his twitter social name.

The hacker as well demonstrated his designed custom plug-in for Siri server who allows him to kick custom commands inside the Siri, and Siri able to understand & controls the thermostat right from his iPhone. Commands such as “What’s the status of the thermostat? “Set the thermostat to 68 degrees,” or even “What’s the inside temperature?” are shown in the video.

Moreover, on his tool, he interestingly claims that his tool doesn’t require the jailbroken iPhone. According to him, he has only installed the fake CA root certificate in his iPhone 4S that can be easily done without jailbreaking the device. The hacker mentioned that this won’t allow you to get Siri on other devices. It just allows you to add your own functions to Siri.