Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Hack Allow Developers To Get iPad 3 Retina Display iOS Emulator

While the iPad 3 is highly expected to be introduced this week with special addition of Retina Display into its specifications, the developer out there in the iOS community is working hard to get their applications updated on the exact iPad 3 launch time, and they can enjoy the new iPad 3 applications download and purchases from the Apple Store. However, many big Software house has just begun their work with rough ideas, and many other individual developers are arguing on the social network sites like Twitter, to Apple on not providing any tool to check their newly redesigned applications, especially for the Retina Display environment.


There is no utility is available to iOS developers to test their applications inside the Retina Display environment, as Apple is about to hide the addition of Retina Display into iPad 3 at end time. Apple has not yet provided any tool, but it appears that the genius developers in the iOS developer community is bit active and they have coded their own small utility that allows other developers to test their applications on the iPad 3 Retina Display environment. The famous iOS jailbreak tweak developer, Ryan Petrich comes up with an idea of iPad 3 Retina Display emulator for the developers to test their applications on the Retina Display environment.

Ryan has come up with its own coded iPad 3 additional emulator files for the latest Xcode that allow developers to simply place some extra files into Xcode, and then they can test their Retina Display carrying applications on the Retina Display optimized emulator. Moreover, the another known iOS developer named Strought-on-smith, has also displayed its application running with Retina Display in the Ryan’s developed iPad 3 emulator for the Xcode.

The developers can download the Ryan’s file from there, and can place here, if they want to get iPad 3 emulator on the latest Xcode, you have to follow this path to make changes: