Sat. May 21st, 2022

GroupRinger Lets You Customize Contact Group With Custom Ring Tone

Wouldn’t be that nice for you if a utility land there to provide you an option to set different sound notifications for contact groups on your device? Well, there is a new tweak launched earlier this morning in the Cydia that aims to bring such functionality to your device, and allows you to customize your group contacts with different custom ring tone and audio file you want to use as a ring tone to a specific group of contacts. GroupRinger is a new tweak that launched in the Cydia for the iOS devices, aims to provide you all the above mentioned features on your device.

GroupRinger is a fully compatible tweak with the newer iOS 5 functionalities, and comes with ability to play with all those features to bring some power into your hands to modify different contacts group. User can easily set different sound ring tones for a specific group of contacts. Such as you can also assign custom message alert tone to the specific contacts of a group, or a complete group with the GroupRinger. The tweak also allows you to set custom sound file as a ring tone or alert tone for a contact group.

GroupRinger also allows you to modify your contacts group by easily creating new ones, deleting the existing ones or the addition of new user contacts into the older ones. GroupRinger is also compatible with the old gen iOS 4 operating system of your iPhone, and could be downloaded from the Cydia’s BigBoss repository for the price tag of $0.99.