Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Grooveshark Launches Web Application Service For iPhone / iPad

Apple has a very strict rules on the distribution of content to iOS users through App Store, and therefore, they have kicked out many powerful companies, services from the App Store to bring only quality and good nature content to their users. However, but still companies try different methods to land on users devices with the help of new web technology HTML 5. In the recent some time, we have seen a couple of companies have dropped their apps over HTML 5 powered websites, and bring all the content to iDevices without any permission of Apple.

It appears in the rise of HTML 5, Grooveshark has also made a comeback for the iPhone users, and launch a new HTML 5 optimized web application for the iOS device users. Grooveshark lovers will be happy to hear about the launch of the web application which lets you to access the service on iOS devices without even jailbreaking the device.

Grooveshark for iphone

Originally, Apple has pulled of their application from the App Store due to some questionable-illegal content nature on their application, later Grooveshark move their application to the jailbreaking community and supports the jailbreaking community by launching their application in the Cydia Store for iOS devices, but now finally Grooveshark has ditched the flash powered website over the HTML 5 optimized web app for the iOS users, and finally comes with the application for the iPhone and iPod users.

Grooveshark service is basically the mix combination of Spotify and Pandora, which allows you to search for the different music and allows you to stream it on the devices; however, with new web application and Mobile Safari feature you can now also stream music in the background of your device without using Safari all the time on your device. With the launch of new web app, Grooveshark comes up with two service plans, an unlimited service plan which costs you $9 per month, and the other is free one!

You can access the latest Grooveshark application on your device, by simply pointing your device browser to the “”