Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Greenpois0n for Windows Coming Within 2 Days

Hey folks you must be aware of Greenpois0nRC5 the untethered Jailbreak which was release the day before and it was only for MAC users and windows users were waiting impatiently for the Windows version of Greenpois0nRC5.

The Chronic Dev-Team has announced that they will release their untethered jailbreak for Windows users this weekend.

Site issues should be better soon thanks to @iOPK. Windows version should be out tomorrow or the next day

This sounds great. It is a good news for the the impatient people asking about the E.T.A.  Lets have a guess for the windows version. We say it will be Sunday a Funday. If you remember so last time they  choosed Sunday a Funday and due to Geohot released his Jailbreak so they postponed till further. But Geohot is not going to release his any soon, so Sunday will be a funday.