Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Grand Central Apple Store Frontage Display Revealed With Temporary Text – PHOTOS

Apple’s Grand Central Apple Store launch rumors is making rounds of the tech blogs these days. It appears last Friday that Apple has not been able to meet their internally announced date of the Grand Central Store launch, and delayed the launch to somewhere in the future weekends. Many readers around the Grand Central Store have been actively tipping the blogs regarding their talks with the workers at the construction ends, and couple of people successfully able to capture spy videos and images of the Grand Central Store work.

The latest incoming tip from the 9to5mac blog shows the temporary digital display banner of the store. The screen in front of the store carries the old fashioned flipping letters display layout.

In addition to the temporary display panel, a construction worker on the scene has said that store is not going to open anytime soon. Originally, Apple has planned to launch the store on the eve of Black Friday mass shopping and visit of customers to their biggest Apple Store.