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Pocket 4.0.2 For Android, The Popular Tool For Clipping Web Content

by Ankit Pandey - on May 1st 2012 - No Comments

Being a blend of user friendly interface and necessary features/functions, Pocket 4.0.2 is the great Android tool that makes web browsing all the more easier and efficient. Have you ever wanted to indulge in web browsing even when you have no connectivity to the Internet? If yes, then Pocket is surely the solution for you. What is Pocket? Earlier...

How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy SII To Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich [Tutorial]

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 21st 2012 - No Comments

Samsung has now released the updated schedule for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy SII. Featuring the dual core 1.2GHz processor as well as 1GB RAM, Galaxy S2 is surely a device on which you can get another upgrade. In order to upgrade the handset to Android 4.0 ICS, you need to make full backup of the present working system before you actually update the phone. Also, make sure that the handset is fully charged.

Step by step guide: follow with care

Step 1

 First and foremost, download Android 4.0.3 ICS which includes the required files to upgrade the handset like Odin app and other firmware files. Then, you need to extract contents of compressed pack in a single folder on the computer. After this, run the Odin.exe file on the system and enable USB debug mode on the system through going to “Settings-Applications-Development-USB Debugging”. It is important to make certain at this step that there is check mark beside the USB Debugging option.

Step 2

 This then leads to the step where you require turning off the phone and rebooting the device into the Download mode. Here, you can enter Download mode through pressing the Volume Down as well as Hone buttons and then pressing Power button.

Step 3

As the handset is in Download mode option, you can connect it through the USB to the computer system and keep Odin application open. In some time, the ID: COM part of the app will turn out to be yellow in color. This simply refers to the fact that the drivers for handset have been now installed with full success and the handset has also been recognized by the computer system.

Step 4

In Options category in Odin app, ensure that the “Re-Partition”, “F. Reset Time” and “Auto Reboot” are all checked. In the app, click tabs and then locate the associated extracted files which you have already downloaded.

More so, double check if you have properly loaded the files into respective tabs or not. In case you load wrong file into the tab, you may brick the handset. Thus, it is advised that you always double check.

Step 5

Then choose the “Start” option in the Odin app for your installation to start. As the firmware is installed successfully, the device will reboot on its own.

Step 6

After that, disconnect the phone from the computer system and switch off the handset. Make it reboot into the Download mode once again and connect the device to the PC through USB.

Step 7

Believing that you have not closed the Odin app, click on PDA option, choose “I9100_KERNEL_I9100XXKP9_CL45181_REV02_eng_mid_ship.tar.md5?. When the file gets loaded, other tabs need not highlight any file to be loaded. Then, ensure that the “Auto Reboot” as well as “F. Reset Time” are the checked options.

Step 8

Lastly, click on the Start option in Odin app to start installing new kernel. As the installation process is complete, the phone will reboot itself and you are all set to use the updated and upgraded Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is as simple as that!

You are done!!!

Go ahead and start using Android 4.0 ICS on your Samsung Galaxy SII now.


Best Android Apps for Cooking & Food Lovers

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 20th 2012 - No Comments

So, are you a great cook who wants to experiment with new recipes every single day or you are the one who wants to learn cooking? If you have an Android based phone or tablet, you can easily use it to your advantage and make it as your helper when it comes to cooking some sumptuous dishes and meals. The Android market is featured with a number of apps that are there to help the cooks and cooking lovers.

Below we present the top and widely admired Android applications for cooking.

Android Apps for Cooking & Food Lovers


This is a wonderful application that has around 28,000 recipes in it. The recipes added in the interface are from known chefs and other food personalities. These recipes can be easily searched for by voice to text or simply by text. There is even the step by step mode where the display of your tablet or phone shows what you require for the next step in your recipe and even the very useful grocery list generator.

There is the Recipe of the Day widget in this app as well. Also, the search options are great to let you find recipes as per occasion or diet.


The Bartender Android application is there to let you mix and create amazing drinks and even search the drinks that will go well with your meals. You can easily search drinks list as per the recipe, popularity and name. The application will help you to ensure that you make and serve those amazing drinks in no time.


The Shopper application helps to recognize the containers, packages and labels, the bar codes and so show to you the stores that have the discount foodstuffs that you require for your recipes. You even save the list of items when you use the application so that the next time you are there, you can see what you bought the last time and at what deal.

Recipe Search

The Recipe Search is a very popular and useful application for the Android users. With this app, one does not need to scour the World Wide Web or the cooking guides to get the perfect recipes. The recipes available through this application are all properly organized into different sections and categories like the current recipes, the recipes by popularity and the recipes by menu or cuisine. There is also the YouTube application that is included where one can see the way the dishes are prepared in proper step by step way.


In kitchen, it is essential to have the knowledge of your recipes and ingredients. With the KnowledgeBook: Cooking application, you will surely be able to rule the culinary kingdom with ease. With the app, you can also solve the kitchen problems that you may face while cooking. Some of these can be finding the ingredient and not getting it and so you need some alternate ingredient. With the application, you can easily look for the meanings of words which you may encounter as you make those exotic and sumptuous recipes.

Google TV gets refreshed TV & Movies app

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 19th 2012 - No Comments

The popular search engine Google is doing the great favor by refreshing the TV and Movies application for the Google TV viewers and users.  The latest refresh is made to make the browsing easier and simpler for the users. This way, now you do not need to know if your much liked serial has some new episode as the expanded details below all programs can let you know that with ease.

What’s added and what’s hot?

Further, you can easily hop into latest menu and see more information about the show, its episodes, rate the show as well as let the search engine know whether the show is good or not or as per your liking. Indeed, you can add your favorite station to the Favorite Channels list. The best part is that you can add a number of stations to the list so that you can get fast access to the channels that you like the most and wish to see again and again. You can further add the movies and TV shows in queue to watch them later whenever you are free.

Easy to use layout

The latest layout indeed puts more details under every episode so as to make it simpler to tell if it is the recent episode or not. Apart from rating the expanded details, the viewers can also now rate the particular shows so as to let others know about the shows and episodes they wish to see.

Enjoy greatly with this app update

After this application update, you can log in to rate the shows and movies with ease. Google also takes feedback from the viewers in order to cater recommendations as per one’s liking. Thus, the drama lovers will not just have to be treated to comedies. You can even check out the Trending This Week section to see the shows that can be watched in that week. Also, the list gets updated every single day so that you get the updated information. In fact, using the Google TV has become all the more easier and fun with the latest refresh of the TV & Movies app.

Google TV for your favorite shows

With the latest refresh or update, the things have got some personal and the channels and shows are now simpler to search for. With the star rating, the viewers and users can discover the latest content as per the previous ratings. Some of the famous services such as Netflix have similar like this however with amazing feature of Google i.e. the easy to search one, we believe that Google TV will be a great way to find new programs and content that one wishes to see.

More features

More so, Trending This Week section further provides the list of what other people are talking about or watching. Last but not least, the refresh or update is completely free of cost and thus applies to every Google TV set or box.

So, what are you thinking of? Just enjoy more and more with your Google TV now. Enjoy your favorite shows anytime, rate them and know the ratings and suggestions of others to know about shows and episodes.

Angry Birds Space Turns Into Malware For Android Allows Remote Access

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 6th 2012 - 1 Comment

It appears that someone just boosted the process of malwares and viruses this week; we have seen a rapid increase in the presence of malwares and viruses attacking several operating system malwares. Earlier this week, we have reported that Apple’s OS X was targeted by a Flashback Trojan due to a loophole inside the Java Runtime, which actually allow hackers to gain access over the operating system and the malware bot expand itself to more than half-million Mac OS X running machines world-wide.


Angry Birds Space Android Malware
It is now reported that Google’s Android platform is also targeted by some malware tool that is spreading rapidly across the devices. The new malware on Android devices is making its way to the devices through the Android’s one of the top 10 applications, Angry Birds Space. Yes! We are reporting right. According to the security research firm, the Angry Birds Space for Android is targeted by hackers this time to expand their explicit codes on a wide range of Android devices.  Reportedly, the attackers are using an old Android malware exploit named “LeNa” which was recently used by security firms to remotely root the Android devices without acknowledging the user, and gain access from the devices.

The malware LeNa is upgraded to a new version with its return on Android platform with Angry Birds Space for Android, and now the malware becomes more powerful in breaking the Android’s real security and brings the user data in danger. It is reported that the infected Angry Birds Space for Android game is not present in the official Google Play Market, instead the hackers have attempted to launch it on third-party Android stores, where no one checks the application deeply and rejects them.

We believe that hackers tried to modify the original game for the Android devices, and embedded their own code inside the game and then releases it on third-party Android Stores for free of cost, and therefore, the users rapidly install the game on their Android devices. If you are thinking to download the Angry Birds Space for your Android, then, please make sure while installing that you are downloading the correct and legal application from the Google Play, not from any other third-party Android Market.

Google Chrome For Android Is Available (Download Now)

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 8th 2012 - No Comments

If you are one of those users who have been currently living with an Android device running currently the Ice Cream Sandwich, and a Chrome lover on your machine then you definitely going to love this news update as we are going to report you that Google has finally released a beta version of Chrome for the Android users running the latest version of Android 4.0 on their devices. Chrome for Android is just available to download for the device currently running Android 4.0 on the system, as the new browser is quiet faster, syncs everything and provides you a complete environment to maximize your work on the web. Chrome for Android carries an astonishing transition effect and a beautiful tab system to flip from one window to another.

Google Chrome Browser, already skyrocketed its fame and identity in the world by beating many worlds popular browsers including the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox within a short time span. Chorme for Android was absent from Android from a long time, as the Android always comes up with its own flavored browser carrying all the same mechanism but in limits and quiet different from the full powerful Chrome.  Chrome for Android is landed in the market with all features and V8 Javascript engine from Google.

Sadly, at the moment Google has only released the browser for the folks who running up the latest Android 4.0, which means that Chrome is currently only for the 1% of the Android users. Majority of Android users not going to enjoy the latest Chrome on their phones, as the Android 4.0 is still on the way to rolled out to all other Android devices. Google specifies the problem which led them to take this decision; Google blames that Chrome browser requires some hardware acceleration to produce and translate the pages on your device quickly.

Well the new Chrome browser for Android is far better than the stock Android browser, and it now carries many different UI elements to enrich the user experience; the most interesting graphical feature of the browser is the transition effect in tab switching. Chrome for Android 4.0 is currently available in the Android Market To Download.