Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Google Wallet Announced Turns Your Mobile Into A Wallet Uses NFC Technology

Google just take benefit from the rumors of Apple which suggests that they are going to implement NFC technology in next generation iPhone, dubbed as a iPhone 5. Well Apple didn’t confirm that they are really going to do this, but today Google has done this. Google announced the new service named as a “Google Wallet” which is totally based on NFC technology and makes it way in market with NFC equipped Android smartphone which turns your mobile into a “Wallet” for making payments.

The work of this technology is pretty simple; all you need to do is enter your MasterCard’s (currently supported) credentials into the “Wallet” new service by Google. Then tap on your phone to use MasterCard’s PayPass system to make payment, on a terminal that supports electronic payments, that’s it your transaction is complete.


Google has provided a really cool feature to users, if in case they have no Citi MasterCard and want to use Google Wallet still, so all to do is they have to buy Google Prepaid Card (new card coming soon) and top up the credit through them to your Google Wallet account.