Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Google Updates Shopper iOS App For iPhone & iPod Touch

In this year, many research market firms have noticed by the sales of this year’s holiday that majority of the users had found their deals and ordered for the products by using the latest technology smartphone and their apps from the big retailers like Amazon, eBay. Almost every biggest reseller in the market had their own iOS and Android app at least on the smartphone hardware to bring their stock available products on the  hand of their customers. In the party of the resellers, Google has as well launched their application for the iOS users featuring their Shopper services on iOS devices, the app is said to be the successful launch for the Google and helps to bring users to their services.

Google has today updated their Shopper iOS app for iPhone and iPod with few new handy features and powering more search options for the users. Google updates its Shopper with the ability to search for the near offers provided by the Google Offers local dealers, currently available in few selected U.S cities. Google has as well served the app with new purchase deals that allow customers to get  50% discount on some deals in your country.
The app was firstly, launched for the iPhone back in February, and allow users to scan product bar codes and run a search for the product information using the voice or text. Google is trying to serve the local and online deals through their Google Shopper app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Google Shopper is a free download for iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store.