Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Google+ Updated With Photo Captions and AutoComplete Hashtags Feature

Google is already on the full move to make a social layer on the users with its Google+, and already Facebook is moving towards the bigger updates of their social network website, due to the incredible fame launch of Google’s newer social project called Google+. Google has already baked the new Google+ with all latest features available on other social networks, like Games, private chat options, and this week, Google finally starts modifying its public search results according to the Google+ provide data, which causes a big pain to the Twitter tweets real-time tweets search.
Google+ Logo

However, the Google+ developer team has today updated the Google+ again with a new piece of features that allow users to use the hashtags on the Google+ in a different way. The new hashtag system actually allows status fields to auto complete the hashtag request on Google+, as well as they have introduced a new way of searching for the tags on Google+, and introduces some default hashtags for the photographers. You can easily check out the amazing photos from different photographers by visiting any of their created tag.

In addition to the hashtag, Google+ team has also added a feature to the Google service that allows users to edit their photos to add captions on the web, which means now you’re not needed to install any sketchy software on your machine to add simple effects, text and different things to your images. Users will now be able to edit their images on Google+ by simply uploading the image to their account. Google+ image editor now features the button “Add Text” that allow you to add text to the uploaded picture.