Sat. May 21st, 2022

Google Update Its Web Layout For iPad Search Experience

We have seen in past, Google is working hard to provide great experience to the iOS users, with his provided services official apps, few weeks ago we have seen Google has released a new web layout for iPhone users, and now today Google is reported that they have rolled out the new design for iPad users with several enhancements. We are not talking about the Google Search Application, Google has added some more features in for iPad users and other tablets. In the new layout, Google simplifies the page layouts and increased the object size and to provide more effective search to users.

Google has releases several enhancement updates to its web for the iPad and other tablets, including their own based HoneyComb featured tablets, since the launch of iPad, we have seen Google efficiently improves it search engine for tablets. The new search features will be making their way to both platforms across 36 languages in the coming days.