Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Google TV gets refreshed TV & Movies app

The popular search engine Google is doing the great favor by refreshing the TV and Movies application for the Google TV viewers and users.  The latest refresh is made to make the browsing easier and simpler for the users. This way, now you do not need to know if your much liked serial has some new episode as the expanded details below all programs can let you know that with ease.

What’s added and what’s hot?

Further, you can easily hop into latest menu and see more information about the show, its episodes, rate the show as well as let the search engine know whether the show is good or not or as per your liking. Indeed, you can add your favorite station to the Favorite Channels list. The best part is that you can add a number of stations to the list so that you can get fast access to the channels that you like the most and wish to see again and again. You can further add the movies and TV shows in queue to watch them later whenever you are free.

Easy to use layout

The latest layout indeed puts more details under every episode so as to make it simpler to tell if it is the recent episode or not. Apart from rating the expanded details, the viewers can also now rate the particular shows so as to let others know about the shows and episodes they wish to see.

Enjoy greatly with this app update

After this application update, you can log in to rate the shows and movies with ease. Google also takes feedback from the viewers in order to cater recommendations as per one’s liking. Thus, the drama lovers will not just have to be treated to comedies. You can even check out the Trending This Week section to see the shows that can be watched in that week. Also, the list gets updated every single day so that you get the updated information. In fact, using the Google TV has become all the more easier and fun with the latest refresh of the TV & Movies app.

Google TV for your favorite shows

With the latest refresh or update, the things have got some personal and the channels and shows are now simpler to search for. With the star rating, the viewers and users can discover the latest content as per the previous ratings. Some of the famous services such as Netflix have similar like this however with amazing feature of Google i.e. the easy to search one, we believe that Google TV will be a great way to find new programs and content that one wishes to see.

More features

More so, Trending This Week section further provides the list of what other people are talking about or watching. Last but not least, the refresh or update is completely free of cost and thus applies to every Google TV set or box.

So, what are you thinking of? Just enjoy more and more with your Google TV now. Enjoy your favorite shows anytime, rate them and know the ratings and suggestions of others to know about shows and episodes.