Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Google Translator Widget in the Center of Notifications iOS 5 – weeTranslate

An italian developer introduced a translator widget today which uses Google Translate to help us translate words or different phrases. This new tweak is made by Simone and can be easily downloaded via cydia to the center of notifications iOS 5

The basic features of weeTranslate are:

  • Translates to a 5-languages ??(English, Italian, Spanish, German, French).
  • Uses the translation engine in the world’s most famous (Google Translate).
  • Free, fast, convenient, low-bandwidth data.

And in order to to use this on your iPhone, you must add the following repository:

You can view follow the developer on twitter(@Sh1m3on) or on his website(

A preview of the Tweak was also uploaded to Youtube