Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Google To Unveils Games And Questions With Google+ Platform

So at the initial stage and limited access to the service, no one actually guess, What Google going to do with its recently launched Google+? Is it only going to be a Facebook Killer? or More than it? Eagle folks of Engadget found the piece of code while digging in to the Google+ web home page, which suggests that Google to introduce gaming platform too with in its Google+. Well this is not stunning news, because recent some job posting from Google can easily confirm this that Google is going to unveil gaming portal inside its Social networking site to fight with Facebook.

While searching around in the code of Google+, developers also found the snippet of codes, which suggests that Google to unveil Question & Answers system in their Google+, while the service is not available to public for test. It seems that Google will add this options later sometime, when the public launch dates coming.