Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Google+ Scam Getting Heat In Wild Via Fake Invites (WARNING)

We have already in mind that this thing going to happen in near future but not know that its currently happening in the dark, it is reported that some group of hackers and advertisers start targeting Google’s latest project of social networking service named “Google+” with for the first time scam service fake invitations.

These fake invitation emails look similar to the legitimate invitation email of the Google+ and also they contains such dangerous emails which can steal your passwords also drive you to some other websites which offers you such penis enlargement products. Here is the point which need to be point down here that these emails contains such email address which seems to be created by Google+ server.


This is not first time, we have already seen all the drama with Google Music invitation, when Google released its cloud based music service in beta and only limited to few people, we got report from several readers that scam happening.


[via Naked Security]