Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Google Removes Gmail iOS App From App Store

Just, a few moments ago, Google launches its most awaited Gmail iOS native application in the AppStore as a universal app with support for iPad and iPhone. However, in the first hour, we learned that application is not more than shit, as the application comes up with countless bugs. After all the Gmail iOS app running hiccups, Google has pulled the application back from App Store and announces on its twitter client that they have taken down the application.

If you have missed checking out the app, then you won’t be able to see the application soon in near future. At the moment, of reporting, if you tried to download the indexed Gmail iOS app from iTunes, you will be greeted with an error message box that the item you requested is not available in U.S Store. Actually, the application is a disgrace, even if you have installed it on your device, you would receive a message from Gmail iOS app that the device is currently removed from the store and does not work anymore.

So what’s the basic reason of the Gmail iOS app immediately pull down from the App Store. The app is said to be a box of bugs, which throws bug on launching on the device as well as does not support the iOS 5 push notifications. All over the device is just an overhaul of iOS Gmail web app, with some new UI and little functions. Google will probably “fix” some of the issues of the app and resubmit to Apple soon, but realistically, what they should do is throw it all out and start again from scratch.