Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Google Releases Gmail iOS App For iPhone and iPad

Just, a day ago, we have heard that Google is on the way to release Gmail’s native iOS application for the iPhone and iPad. While following the yesterday’s rumor report, Google has just launched the Official Gmail iOS native application in App Store as a universal application with support of iPad. Gmail for iOS almost provides the all basic functions of mail application, till now we have not found any special feature of the application which might force users to install it and ditch iOS native mail application.

Google has listed the couple of features of their Gmail iOS application. The application provides notification on the arrival of new messages. Application also allows the threaded conversation, one of the most known features of Gmail web. Google has already a Gmail iOS web app for iOS devices, which almost provides the same layout on devices. However, the native application provides some addition features to users such as notifications and the most needed priority box function of Gmail.

The application has the ability to attach and download the attached files, and besides the above-mentioned features, the application supports all basic functions of Gmail. You can easily access to any folder of Gmail, archiving, labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam. It seems that finally we have a full functioned Gmail app for iOS.


Download Gmail iOS App For iPhone & iPad