Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Google+ Updates Added Full Resolution Image Upload, New Logo & +1

Google has recently taken the stage of its web and issues an update to its newly launched social network “Google+” iOS app, to include few new features. Google has yet to announce the Google+ iOS app for th Apple’s iPad, besides, they seeded minor features update and a big change to the apps icon in the iOS dashboard. As we have seen on Google+, the team of the social network has selected the new logo of the social network and drops the support for the older one.

The new Google+ iOS app update comes up with new shinny logo icon of the app,  and now support the full resolution photo uploads, means the app finally gets some guts to serve in the public. Google has also added the search bar option in their Google+ iOS app, which let you search for the users or content from the Google+.  The Google+ iOS app still misses a lot of needy features, such as to bring the Google+famous feature of Hangouts to the mobile device support, and as well as the new look.

The new app update is available to download for free from the App Store and weighs at just 19.1 MB. The new search bar in the app adds a lot of handiness on the app, and now able to allow you to search for a friend or person on the Google+. Google has been also reportedly working to fix out the most known bugs of the app, which lead the app to crash on the iOS platform. There are few other new features that Google has introduced in the Google+ app for iOS, and we have yet to mention them on our post and leaving on you guys to discover and report us about them.