Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Google Nexus 3 Image Leaked?

Few moments back on techhog the image of the Nexus 3 showed up. The author said that they have received the picture directly from some technician of Dell’Android  Dev with some interesting features of Nexus 3.

The above device is said to be the prototype of the 3rd Gen or the Nexus 3.  This is just the test device of Nexus 3 and the original one may differ from this one.

According to dell’Android Dev sources orignal features of Nexus 3 may differ from the picture shown above. This prototype shows us some hint that what new will be in Nexus 3. As you can there are no buttons in this prototype, so we can expect Multi-touch Gestures in Nexus 3. According to Techhog Nexus 3 will be getting a front facing camera in the next prototype model. The Nexus 3 should also support the HSPA + standard, and Sprint’s CDMA networks.

Looks like TechHog has removed the information which they provided due to some reason.

(Photo removed per request)

(Information removed per request)

Sorry everyone, I’ve been politely asked to remove the information from this page regarding the 3rd Nexus. I apologize for the inconvenience.

via [iphoneitalia]