Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Google Music Store Goes Live In U.S, Offering Free Music and Social Crunch

It’s finally there, after months of testing under the specific quota of developers from the U.S. Google have successfully launched its debuted Google Music service for the Android users, as the iTunes and iTunes Match Killer. Google has updated the official application of the Google Music for the public, after launching the service in “These Go To Eleven” music event.  Google has made it public for the U.S users for free of cost, no charges to use the service.

Google has baked the Google Music with cloud services, as Apple providing iCloud on cross platform to keep the users music library updated on the entire device, and also gives them an ability to stream data anywhere. Google has launched Google Music application for Windows and Mac OS X, which allow users to upload their music libraries to Google Music. The Google Music Android app is available for any Android device running the Android 2.2, the application on the mobile device also allows the feature of “pin” music, and this feature makes the song available on the device for offline use.
Google Music Store
However, Google has also launched the HTML 5 optimized website for the other devices, like iOS devices, which provide the access to service from Apple’s iOS devices. If you are an iOS user, you can simply visit the Google Music website, and you will be greeted with web app version of the website with music player allowing you to listen to music, or, etc. right from the browser.

Google has also filled up its Google Music with some social crunch, Google has added the option to listen or share the music on the Google+ for free. The users can easily listen to songs on Google+ and can share their libraries with other friends on the Google+, as well as Google has also said that they will do giveaways for the music albums on every week.