Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Google Motion Turned Into Reality With Use of Kinect (Video)

It’s really amazing, April Fool day prank turned into reality with use of Microsoft Kinect. Just a day ago, when Google releases new Gmail Motion to make people fool, but it failed to make fool most people. But it got success in catching the attention of some geeks, which have super control on Kinect Motion Sensor/Camera device of Microsoft. The FAAST team which recently provides us a Kinect keyboard emulator for World of Warcraft has speedily come up with software which hacks Kinect to work for Google Motion.

Here are the all time favorite gestures of Google Motion which works with the help of Kinect: opening an email as if it were an envelope, replying by throwing a thumb back and, of course, “licking the stamp” to send your response on its way.