Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Google Launched “Google Swiffy” Flash Content To HTML 5 Converter

As far as we know there was only a tool available in the market by Adobe with name of “Wallaby” which let you to convert the Flash content to HTML5, this tool is introduced by Adobe earlier this year. But now it seems that Google also want to take some success by developing this type of tool and service which allow users to convert Flash-to-HTML5, today Google has announced the “Google Swiffy” a new effort of Google Labs which allow user to convert their Flash content to HTML 5 and allow them to show it on iOS devices.

Google Swiffy

Google has posted a series of some examples of converting flash content to HTML5 and shows up the working of its new tool “Google Swiffy”. Well there was still no tool available which can convert the high quality flash content to HTML 5 with in high quality, but both companies on the way to make their tools more profitable by improving them time to time.