Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Google Instant Pages. Fast Way To Search

Today Google announced many new features in its Search Event in San Francisco. Google is helping people to save their time as time is a river bank. If you waste it it will waste you.

“Time has become the most precious commodity in our lives” said by a Googler.

In order to get more fast results today Google announced Google Instant Pages to Chrome.

Normally it takes 6-10 seconds for Google to search for the thing you have entered, but with this Instant Pages you will for sure save your time and the top results will show up in 0.0 seconds. Now lets suppose you are interested to search for iPhone 4, Google will show you many options and you would be thinking which link to open. With Google Instant Pages the top result of the page will be loaded and when you click that link, the page will be opened immediately. With Instant Pages you can save your time, which is required for the page to load.


Google Instant Pages is going to be available by the end of this Week. If you want to try the next Beta of this service on our Desktop then you can go for the Developer Version. Another good news is that Instant Pages are coming to Android Devices also.

Image Courtesy [9to5google]

via [googleblog]