Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Google Drive for iPad and iPhone: Get it from the App Store now

If Day 2 of Google I/O conference has made us learn anything, then it is the fact that Google recognizes the requirement to provide native experiences of services to the iPad and iPhone users all across the globe. In the recent conference, the company has declared official Google Drive application for iOS apart from the update to Google Docs that brings the offline editing feature to the users.

Google Drive lets the users see and search the documents with ease. This search facility looks great as it has the ability to scan the text within pictures and also recognize content of the image in order to make it easily searchable. Google further highlighted the ability of the Drive app to identify text in the picture using the OCR technology. For instance, typing “Pyramids” will show different images of the pyramid even in case the image is named as IMG001.JPG or any other. This happens through the image recognition technology of Google.

Google Drive is easily available in App Store and the app has 2 different interface designs for the users. One of them is especially optimized for larger iPad screen and the second one is mainly designed for iPhone. Both these UI designs are simple and functional, thereby bringing easy navigation with Full Display support to view the images which are embedded in the documents or the ones that have been actually uploaded to Drive account.

This service further provides the users 5GB cloud storage without any cost and the users who require more space can purchase more in case they require. It has been observed that everyone loves release and launch of the latest apps and that too the ones which offer great mobile solutions for the services used on a regular basis. Keeping this in view, Google declared the release of Google Drive app onto App Store. This Drive facility that provides the cloud based storage basically allows the users to share and store the files anywhere while they are traveling.



The Drive app will offer the users the opportunity to access and see the uploaded files in the Google Drive folder. Also, the application will allow the documents which are saved in the Google Docs account to be seen, the service which fits greatly with announced updates to Docs. Last but not least, the latest Drive application allows the documents to be seen natively on devices and edited with ease, with added advantage of the feature like offline editing, thanks courtesy the recently announced modifications and updates.