Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Google Chrome For Android Is Available (Download Now)

If you are one of those users who have been currently living with an Android device running currently the Ice Cream Sandwich, and a Chrome lover on your machine then you definitely going to love this news update as we are going to report you that Google has finally released a beta version of Chrome for the Android users running the latest version of Android 4.0 on their devices. Chrome for Android is just available to download for the device currently running Android 4.0 on the system, as the new browser is quiet faster, syncs everything and provides you a complete environment to maximize your work on the web. Chrome for Android carries an astonishing transition effect and a beautiful tab system to flip from one window to another.

Google Chrome Browser, already skyrocketed its fame and identity in the world by beating many worlds popular browsers including the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox within a short time span. Chorme for Android was absent from Android from a long time, as the Android always comes up with its own flavored browser carrying all the same mechanism but in limits and quiet different from the full powerful Chrome.  Chrome for Android is landed in the market with all features and V8 Javascript engine from Google.

Sadly, at the moment Google has only released the browser for the folks who running up the latest Android 4.0, which means that Chrome is currently only for the 1% of the Android users. Majority of Android users not going to enjoy the latest Chrome on their phones, as the Android 4.0 is still on the way to rolled out to all other Android devices. Google specifies the problem which led them to take this decision; Google blames that Chrome browser requires some hardware acceleration to produce and translate the pages on your device quickly.

Well the new Chrome browser for Android is far better than the stock Android browser, and it now carries many different UI elements to enrich the user experience; the most interesting graphical feature of the browser is the transition effect in tab switching. Chrome for Android 4.0 is currently available in the Android Market To Download.