Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Google+ App Updated Mobile Hangouts, Also Google+ Is Open For All

Google has just announced a big update to its new introduced social network Google+, in just 3 months Google has claimed to improve 91 changes in the Google+ also they have released 9 more improvements to their service, including the update for Google+ App for mobiles.

Google has bring the search box to the Google+ to search the specific people and their posts, along with the some awesome type of filters which allow you to select specific data according to your need “Best of” or “Most Recent”, Google+ has already its own search based system Spark which works same but still in the development.

Hangouts of Google+ is one the main feature of the Google’s social network site, also Hangouts is the only one thing which may kick the Skype, and Facebook both at once. Google has today announced lot of Hangouts features, one of the biggest feature they released today is the support of Google+ hangouts ot the mobile devices. Google has only released this update to Android app at the current time, but promised to seed this feature to iOS app soon. Along with all of this Google has opened its Google+ for all, a great nightmare for Facebook. Now you won’t need to request anyone for the invitation you can also do signup directly for the service.


Google has also introduced a new feature “on air” for hangouts, a complete public broadcast. When ever you do your broadcast, nine other people can join you on your broadcast, and anyone can also watch the broadcast on its device. Google notes that the feature will be limited to certain broadcasters (read: big ones). They’re kicking it off tomorrow night with an On Air Hangout with