Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Ge0hot Released dePKG PS3 Firmware Decrypter

Guys as we all know, Geohot is a well known iOS jailbreak hacker and a hacker in iPhone hacking community but something we are missing about him he is not only active in iPhone hacking community but also in the whole hacking world. Recently Geohot released a Linux based PS3 firmware decrypter package dubbed as a dePKG.

Basically dePKG allows developers to have look of core files inside the Sony’s PS3UPDAT.PUP firmware like CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg

When the Drama boy is out of the scene he is mos likely to come up with something new. Now we can expect a ps3 Jailbreak from Geohot soon.

If you are a developer so you can Download PKG Packager From Below:


Download Linux version of dePKG

Download Windows version of dePKG

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