Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Go Get iPhone 3GS Just For $9 From AT&T, Right Now!

So finally the movement begun to empty the inventory to get the new iPhone or a existing iPhone with a new price, some geeks noted that AT&T now officially offering iPhone 3GS 8 GB (refurb) from the AT&T just for the $9. They are offering iPhone 3GS 8GB on two year contract, and it seems that it is the lowest price deal they have ever offer, this deal will includes 90-day warranty and 30-day trial period. But what does it mean?


It clearly indicates that AT&T wants to clear up its inventory of iPhone 3GS’s, well it seems that earlier this week rumor report was correct and a new budget iPhone 3GS will be released without contract for just $350. But it’s hard to believe they’d be clearing inventory like this if they were going to sell them all over again in a month or two.