Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

GitHub Official App For Mac – Available To Download

GitHub does not need any introduction, the largest code host in the world, today has just announced its official app for Mac OS X, and the app is currently available to download for free from the “”. The official app of GitHub, allow users to directly manage their repositories from your desktop. The app also allows you to sync your branches with remote repository.


Joshaber for GitHub, writes:

Once you dive into a repository, you’ll be able to view the commit history just as you would on the web – and you can of course dive in to a specific commit to see the diff and perform some

The custom UI of the app provides a nice and slick look without many OS X’s native elements. The initial step up of the app lets you set up and find your repositories already on your machine. Once you download GitHub for Mac, we’ll send out updates and the app will automatically download them. Keep an eye out for a little upgrade notice with a list of changes.

Download GitHub for Mac