Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Get World Clocks Right On Your iOS Notification Center On iPhone

We have a number of quality tweaks for the newer iOS 5 notification system, and obviously for those who are running a jailbroken device in their life. Here at FreaKGeeKs, we mostly enjoy to cover new and worthy note tweaks for our readers, and has already covered many tweaks in the past 2 years. We just come across a new tweak, launched today in Cydia. it is especially for the users who love to visit different places randomly, like a traveler or have some friends foreign with different time zones.


WorldClockCenter, is a new tweak launched in the Cydia, and aims to provide number of world clocks into your device iOS Notification Center, and allows you to access the most wanted time zones right from the iOS Notification center with a simple drag down of the notification center on your device.  The tweak is pretty simple, and doesn’t add any additional icon to your device’s dashboard, but just provide you some extra configuration panel inside the of your iPhone.  The tweak is available in the Cydia, for a little price tag of $1.99. The tweak simply provides you quick access to the different time zones, and if you are not the person who have someone living foreign then simply ignores the tweak, as the mentioned tweak is not available for free of cost. WorldClockCenter is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for the download.