Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Get Siri Dictation On iPhone 4, iPod Touch Available In Cydia

Since the launch of iPhone 4S Siri, we have been hearing a lot of buzz around developers on the Siri port to iPhone 4, later we have found that it’s possible to port Siri on iPhone 4 and latest devices but impossible to launch the port in public. We have already seen numerous videos from different hackers showing iPhone 4 running Siri and connect with Apple’s Server.

However, it appears that some hacker able to get the iPhone 4S Siri out of the device and made it available in the Cydia for public release. The new tweak that contains the iPhone 4S Siri features for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch actually works great on the iPhone 4. The developer named, Eric Day, has launched the jailbreak package on Cydia with the name of “Siri0us”. The developer has made it clear to the other developers that Siri dictation does not need any iPhone 4S keys/files for the required dictation on another device.

Siri dictation is based on the Nuance Technology that’s already worked great on the iPhone 4, the end-result of dictation on iPhone 4 is pretty good. We have got successful notes from many friends over the web, which have already tested it on iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4.
To get Siri Dictation running on your jailbroken iDevice, simply add to your list of Cydia sources and search for “Siri0us.”
The developer has noted a bug that some may run into when trying to install. If your iDevice keeps respringing, do not restore! Use a SSH tool to remove the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AssistantServices.framework file.