Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Get Siri Dictation On Any iPhone / iPad / iPod 4 With Sara Dictation

Days back we saw a new way of installing siri like not siri in the old iDevices for free. The most recent method was of installing Spire and getting keys but then we got a new tweak named ‘Sara‘ by Nobita available on Cydia. The Sara actually got a hit as the virtual voice assistant it wasn’t Siri but has the same interface as siri.

Today as of the valentines day the developer “Nobita” noted that the new tweak which released is as a gift to the folks around. This new tweak Sara Dictation is actually the same like ‘Siri0us’ which was removed from the Cydia after wards. Sara Dictation is actually an awesome tweak for the iPhone 4S users too it has multiple language options and is faster than Siri, I guess.

People who have iPhone 4S can grab this tweak too because it detects different languages as I have tried Arabic of UAE above and it worked perfect. As I said before I feel it very fast then Siri actually. You can install this tweak from the following repository


If you install it on iPhone 4S your Siri icon will hide instead just turn it off. If you have older devices then install Sara and Sara dictation and just feel you have the iPhone 4S.