Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Get Prayer Timings Right On Your OS X And iDevics With Guidance (App Review)

Religion is one of the most important part of Culture. Every one follow their respected Religion and act according to the teachings of their Religion. Many belief systems have stories, signs, countries and holy experience that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the source of life or the galaxy. They tend to obtain morality, values, spiritual laws or a preferred lifestyle from their ideas about the cosmos and man’s thought. Every Religion got some duties to fulfill. Every one got different duties to fulfill. Some people go to Masjid, Temples, Church, and all the religious places they got.

Like this Muslims in the world got Religion Islam. In Islam, the duty of every Muslim around the world is to pray Five Times a day. Some of them are so busy that they miss the prayers on time and they offer the prayer later on or there are some Muslims who have gone to host country for some work and might not be aware of the the Timings of Prayers and they might find it difficult to stay up to date. Some how they manage to get up to date with the Prayer timings.

So today I came across an App for MAC OS X called Guidance. This is the App which will keep you up to date with the Prayer Timings on your MAC OS X and iPhone,iPod,and iPad. The name of the App simply defines the work of the App. The name is clearly states the purpose of the App. The name Guidance simply aims to guide you about something good. Here something good is about Prayer Timings. This beautiful App simply allows you to stay up to date with the Prayer Timings in the place you are currently in.

Below is a breif intro of this App:

Guidance is a prayer times application for Mac OS X that plays the Adhan when it is time for prayer. Designed to be simple and elegant, Guidance sits in the menu bar and shows a countdown until the next prayer. When it’s time for prayer, Guidance displays a Growl notification and plays the adhan. Guidance stays out of the way while providing you with current prayer time information.

The App is simply amazing and easy to use. With this App on your OS X you can do many things which an ordinary couldn’t let you do. This App lets you see all the prayer times according to your country which you have selected.

The another good thing about this App is that is that as soon as the time passes the Time for the next Prayer is automatically decreased with every minute.

This App also allows you to set the Adhan voice of your choice. You can choice the voice of Adhan your self from the amazing different selections present in this App.

This App also got growl notification integrated in it which allows you to see a notification on your Desktop of OS X, when ever the time for Prayer is going on or the time is happening. A part from the notification, this App also plays the Adhan on your OS X when it is the time of Adhan.

The App is truly amazing and easy to use. The best of all is that this App is available for Download for free for OS X, where as the iOS version costs you about $2.99.

You can download the App for MAC OS X from Below:

Download Guidance for MAC OS X 10.6.x and above from here

Download Guidance for MAC OS X 10.5.x and below from here.

Download Guidance for iPhone/iPod/iPad from here. (2.99$)