Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Get MAC OS X Lion Reverse Scrolling Feature On Windows (How To Guide)

The day before MAC OS X Lion was released for public and after one day it reached to 1 Million Downloads. MAC OS X Lion got many new features for MAC Users in it. The worst feature which Apple could implement in MAC OS X Lion was Reverse Scrolling.

What is Reverse Scrolling?

Reverse Scrolling is a features in which the system of scrolling goes reversal. Means, normally when you scroll on your track pad in the browser for the page to go down, it goes down and to go up you scroll upwards. But in Reverse Scrolling the  system goes vice versa. You scroll down, the page goes up and you scroll up the page goes down.

This feature is totally useless in our point of view, but to make some one go mad and fool him, this feature will make your day out. To get the same feature on Windows you need to follow the Steps below to install it.

Steps to Follow:


Download AutoHotkey

Download AutoHotKey Script


Once you have Downloaded the script of Auto Hot Key and Auto Hot Key Software. Simply run the script and the program will run in background.

This thing will work the same way as your iPhone Scrolling works. To go down you need to scroll up and to go UP, you need to scroll Down.