Wed. May 25th, 2022

Get A Free iPhone 4S From China Unicom On Two Years Contract

After hearing the great news from Apple that the iPhone 4S will be debuting in China and 21 other countries on 13th January 2012, China Unicom, the largest and the first Chinese carrier to offer iPhone 4S officially by Apple will be putting up iPhone 4S for free.

This is said to be a promotional offer by China Unicom the second largest carrier of China. Obviously the iPhone 4S won’t be free of cost, it will require a two years contract with it. The iPhone 4S will be given free to those who sign up for a two years contract with China Unicom. Today, the carrier announced on its website about the availability of the iPhone 4S from 13th Jan, the same day when it will land in China and 21 other countries.Both the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4S models would be given free on two years contract where as 32GB one will be given on one additional year extended contract. That is three years contract.

Obviously not everything is given free if it is on contract also. So, the promotion plan offers start from 286 Yuan to 386 Yuan. 386 Yuan for the 16GB model and 32GB Model for 286. The price discrimination is done because the carrier lost their money, 286 Yuan on Two years contract last year. They have done this to cover the cost for additional one year, in case any one defaults.

“The 286-yuan plan was previously available with a two- year contract, but was later removed because Unicom lost money,” Lin said in an e-mail today. “So, now it’s back with a three-year contract. The justification would be they will have one additional year to recover the expense.”

Next week many of you would be busy in buying an iPhone 4S. So, don’t forget that the untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S is also coming sometime in next week.

If you were planning to buy an iPhone 4S from long, so get ready for the 13th Jan to spend some money.