Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

GeoHot Is Back On Scene, Quits His Job At Facebook

If you have been there since the jailbreaks actually start arriving in the market, you should know about the hacker/guy with name “GeoHot”, the ultimate ruler of the jailbreaking and the person who firstly, jailbreak the iPhone, back in 2008 and make the jailbreak tool live for the rest of hackers to play with their stylish new devices. Actually, GeoHot was the person behind the birth of jailbreaking for the iPhone and iPods, all hackers come after his first tool. However, the hacker left the community from a couple of months, and tried its luck recently with jailbreaking the Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. GeoHot aka George Hotz also did same with Sony’s console jailbreak, and later found itself in trouble.

In the last year, we heard much news from the hacker, and Sony regarding their breakdown against the GeoHot for developing the Sony’s PlayStation 3 console jailbreak, and later to publish the tool. The hacker had sued by Sony for all the hacking stuff, and been dragged to court hearing, but the matter quickly settled down before the strict ruling of the jury against a hacker. The hacker later joined Facebook as an unknown position, but according to the latest report, he left out the position and moved on! So where is he now?

Well, there is no clear statement from the hacker, but according to the Business Insider news, the famous hacker got spotted at the hackthon where he competed with other hacker kids on developing an app. However, he didn’t win the competition and lost the project in the hands of high school kids.

But that’s not important. The important is, where is he now, and what type of work is he doing these days?  According to our guess, GeoHot is back now in the scene, as Apple has already fixed its bootroom limera1n exploit with the launch of iPhone 4S, and now maybe he has been working to discover more powerful exploits for the iOS devices, and as we all know jailbreaking iPhone is now safe!