Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

GeoHot Coming Up After 10/02/11 With A Surprise

Hey folks this Morning @Musclenerd said to @Pod2g the perosn who is in the Chronic-Dev team and he found a new Vulnerable exploit for the iDevices which we told you before.The tweet Mentioned about GeoHot.

If you haven’t forgot the dramatic hero who launched the Untethred Jailbreak on iOS4.1 for all the iDevices which was called Limera1n. After many months he was disappeared from the jailbreaking and was found in the PS3 Jailbreaking scene.

So @Muclenerd said to @Pod2g that:

@pod2g (for instance I think geohot will release his iboot-level untether for certain devices after 2/10/11, if there’s a void)

So @Musclenerd gave us the hint that GeoHot got some iBoot Level Exploit and he will release the Untethered Jailbreak for some iDevices. The word “Some” puts us in a big doubt. We can expect the Untethered jailbreak for iPhone4,iPod4 and iPad. So what we can expect is that once again iPhone3GS, iPod3G and iPod2G MC model owners are missed.

The GeoHot’s next iBoot level can be an update to Limera1n or a new Jailbreak Tool.So lets wait and see what he comes up with. What if he misses the iPhone3GS,iPod3G and iPod2G MC model owners? who will cover them? What you think?