Sat. May 28th, 2022

GateKeeper A New Security Hurdle By Apple In Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Including all the big features of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has also introduced a new security checkup method in the new version of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion that lets developer to identify their applications on the machines, and secure the Mac OS X from more malware attacks. The new security GateKeeper informs the users on the installation of the unknown application into their Mountain Lion running machine. In addition to the users security, it also provides a standard method to developers to give unique identity to their apps by signing their applications with their developer IDs.

Through the new system, Apple could easily monitor all the developer’s notorious moves and easily track them. The new program in short gives a pure title of “identified developer” to developers and through this they can easily launch their applications on several machines, without bugging into Mac security programs.
Users will be able to access Gatekeeper’s settings in the Security & Privacy section of System Preferences, where they will also be able to choose from an even stricter setting that will allow for installation of Mac App Store apps only or a looser setting that will allow all applications to be installed and launched.


As for apps that are signed by an identified developer, Macworld notes that OS X Mountain Lion will perform a daily check with Apple’s servers for blacklisted developer signatures, and if an app from a blacklisted developer is installed on the user’s system it will not open.