Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Games and Children Oriented Apps of iPhone

Children are absolutely fascinated with technology, and try as you might you will struggle to keep you iPhone out of the hands of your little ones.

If you can beat them, then, as the old saying goes, it’s time to join them. Developers have spent a lot of time creating a number of games that are designed to keep your kids occupied for as long as you need. We’ve listed a number of children orientated apps for the iPhone that will keep your little ones 100% entertained (and educated!)

Lil’ Red – An Interactive Story

Lil’ Red is an entirely new and unique e-book app that will fascinate and mesmerize your little explorers.


The traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood story is delivered to the younger audience in an entirely new way. As children interact with Lil’ Red the app will encourage them to use their own imaginations to create and narrate their version of the story. The beautiful illustrations will fill our little ones with absolute wonder.


It’s another rainy day, and your little mischief makers don’t quite know what to do with themselves. Thankfully, you iPhone has the perfect app to keep you little ones entertained and amused for hours.


KidsCraft is a fab little app that provides kids with the instructions to build 20 different arts and crafts. The step by step guide makes it very easy for your little ones to get on with the task unsupervised, and the app covers activities for all age groups.

Preschool EduKitty

You, as an adult, may find Preschool EduKitty a little loud in design, but kids seem to love the bright colours and the positive encouragement that the app provides. The app is rich with a variety of different educational games, helping your little ones to learn and play at the same time.


The app is both very vocal and visual in it’s praise, encouraging your little ones to keep engaging and to keep training those eager little minds. This is a great app for any parent who wants their child to start learning early.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is another educational app designed for younger children. The app helps your kids to practice their understanding of the alphabet, and learn new words at the same time. The app has a great look and feel throughout, and it’s bound to capture the attention and imagination of your young ones.


New words are added automatically to the app and on a fairly regular basis, helping to keep the app fresh and interesting. The fancy animation allows your little ones to explore and enjoy all at the same time.

Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek

If your little monkey is running riot, then perhaps you should download the Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek eBook. This interactive app includes a number of narration options, and the eBook will help your little ones to read and count.


If your little monkey loves playing hide and seek then they will love this simple animated story. The app isn’t as interactive as some of the other mentioned, but it seems to entertain children nonetheless!

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123

There isn’t a child out here that doesn’t enjoy putting together a good jigsaw puzzle. The challenge soon gives way to satisfaction as your little ones figure out how to complete the puzzle.


The handy hint feature ensures that your kids can get a little helping hand if they need it. This simple yet effective iPhone app seems to be a hit with the kids, and parents love the fact that the jigsaw puzzle pieces will never mysteriously disappear down the side of the settee!


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