Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Working To Introduce Game Controller For iPad / iPhone

The iOS devices are quite more popular among the users for their mind-blowing results in the gaming community, and the developers’ dedication to the App Store for delivering the famous games titles on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad devices. In the research notes, analysts discovered that Apple has earned lots of revenue through the App Store, and especially for the gaming section. We have seen many popular titles on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad devices by the big game publishers, and now it is reported that Apple is exploring a variety of different controller concepts for the iOS devices to boost the actual gaming skills on the iOS devices.

In 2010, the United States Patents & Trademark Office publishes a patent on their database from Apple highlighting the Apple’s initial idea of exploring a new kind of game controllers for the iOS devices, and the purported patent originally submitted to USPTO database in 2008, which means that Apple has begun its game controller research since the beginning of iPhone and iPad devices to play games on the shinny hardware. The patent describes that Apple is working on game controller concepts that require the device to insert into the game controller to play games.

Game Controller for iPhone / iPad
Note: Above Image Is Only Used To Illustrate The Concept!

Interestingly, the game controller features cameras, motions sensing, a dual-display configuration and physical buttons with the combination of a multi-touch surface. However, the old patent story is now backed by AnandTech folks, during their week-old iPad 3 brief review, on which they claim yes; Apple has been working on a gaming controller for iPads and other iOS devices. The publication is well-known for their good sources in the market and dedication of leaks regarding the upcoming devices.


I know of an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

According to the author of review, the Apple is indeed working on a game controller for iOS devices, and in the final stage facing a kind of issue with collaboration of controller signals with the device radios. However, he believes that Apple engineers may have sorted out the problem, and now they might be working to make it more powerful before entering in the market. There are coupled of side facts that may reflect and force Apple to enter in the game controller market, as we have seen many third party game controllers have openly designed different consoles for the iPad devices and made big numbers with their exclusive gaming controllers.