Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Galaxy S III Sales breach 10 Million

Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III

There has been lot of talk around the Samsung Galaxy S3, the latest version of the flagship Galaxy series from Samsung Electronics. The new smartphone from Samsung, that was being hailed as the new generation phone and the best smartphone ever, has received mixed reviews after its launch.

A lot of the followers of the Samsung Galaxy series have been reported to be a tad disappointed with the new version of the phone. Although, the phone comes power packed with a lot of new and amazing features, most of them have failed to perform what they promised.

Galaxy S III
Galaxy S III

A lot of people have been wondering if the new flagship phone has hit the sales target as yet and whether it will be able to match the kind of success its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S2 had seen. There has been a lot of speculation around whether the phone has lived up to what it had promised or has it turned out to be a flop.

The numbers:

Well the news is out and according to the head of information technology and mobile communication unit of Samsung, Yonhap,  Shin-Jong kyun the company has been able to move as many as 10 million Galaxy S3 phones since the time it was unveiled. Even though the phone might not have lived up to the kind of expectations it had set , it has been seen that the phone has been outpacing the predecessor and as compared to the Galaxy S2 which took a five month period for hitting the eight digits mark, the S3 has already crossed the mark within 3 months of its launch.

Although, no specific numbers have been provided by Samsung officially , the total sales as of now have been estimated to be around 10 million already.

The delay and component shortage:

The goal had been set to reach the 10 million mark by early July and we have just crossed the mid-July period and the company seems to have met the pegged target. What must also be taken into account that there were a lot of delays and Samsung was also fighting the issue of components shortage, especially for the Pebble blue version of the latest device. Immediately after the launch of the phone, a lot of devices which had reached the stores, were shipped back for replacement of the body and this had impacted the early sales of the phone.

The phone also had delayed launches in some of the countries which also hit the sales at an early stage, but given the phone has already seen the 10 million mark within three months of its launch, all these factors seem to have been warded off already.

New Challenges:

The challenges that lie ahead of Samsung, after mixed response over the newly added features in the phone, will be the stiff competition that is likely to come once Apple launches the iPhone 5. It is also being tagged as a revolutionary device and might take away the tag of best smartphone from the Galaxy S3.