Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Galaxy Nexus LTE Model Is Slightly Thicker Than HSPA+ Losses Charm

Getting ready to get hands on the latest attraction of Google’s LTE-powered Galaxy Nexus in the US on the lands second biggest carrier Verizon? Google has just released the 360-view of the device right before the actual launch of the device on the carrier. Reportedly, it appears that Verizon model of the Galaxy Nexus is slightly thicker than the non-LTE model of the device.

The LTE-powered Galaxy Nexus is around 0. 6mm thicker than the HSPA+ version of the device that currently available to purchase in the UK. The LTE-powered phone seems to be losses its charm, at least visually in physics of the device. The curved charms of the device seem to be thinner than the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus.

In the tech specifications of the device, both models carry the same horse powered batteries, it’s pretty unfair decision of Google with LTE-powered device users. It seems that a current available battery is not sufficient to feed data on LTE radio in the device.



VIA: SlashGear