Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

FX Photo Studio For iPad/iPhone Lets You Edit Photos The Easy Way (App)

Since iOS 5 came out, it decreased the use of Photo editing software’s for normal use. It had built in Photo Editing which cannot replace the professional software’s but can replace some normal software’s which are used for cropping the pictures, enhancing the background of the picture and much more. People used to download software’s or used to transfer to their computers for this small purpose which was later on replaced by iOS 5.

Now iOS 5, allows you to edit your photos, right on your iDevice. You can easily crop them, enhance them and remove the red eye spot which is rarely done by any software. You can even share the pictures on Twitter and E-Mail them by your iDevice. This is just a little effort done in iOS 5, We can expect more things to show up in near future updates.

Now lets talk about the photo editing software’s which are for free or paid and requires some hard skills. The first name in your mind will be of Adobe Photo Shop, the most advanced and widely used software for editing the pictures. To use Adobe Photoshop, you require some good skills and a perfect knowledge on how to use it. But what if you can get alternative to Adobe Photo Shop right on your iDevice, without any hard skills or perfect knowledge required to use it. How would you feel? really exciting?  jumping here and there?

The App which we are going to tell you about is not a perfect alternative to Adobe Photo Shop because Adobe Photoshop is used on PC and this is an App for iPad/iPhone. There is a difference between them. The App is a perfect competition to other Picture Editing Software’s available on App Store and Internet.

The name of the App is FX Photo Studio. It is totally amazing App made by MacPhun LLC. The App is really good and easy to use. Even a noob like me without the knowledge of Photo Editing found it much much easier than other photo editing software’s and by the end of the day, I had learned something from this App.

FX Photo Studio, provides you with over 190 high quality effects and filters, All Effects are customizable, color splash and painting with every effect.

To use this App, The method is really simple. Open the App, browse for the Photos, You can take photos and even you can import from Facebook. Once you have done the selection of the photo you want to edit, then you got a whole new world of different types of awesome effects like Art,Black & White, Blur, Glo, SFX and much more. With these effects you can edit a single portion of the Picture and you can edit the whole picture by applying the effects. This is something really awesome.

You can see a preview of the picture that I made using FX Photo.

This was the image that I modified using FX Photo Studio on iPad.

Like I mentioned before that it got over 190 effects and it is very hard to remember which one you had used. So there is a perfect solution for you in his App. You can mark that particular Effect as Favorite by ticking the star next to the respected effect. The effect will then shown in the Tab of Favorite.

The best feature of this App is in SFX section which is 3D. Yes 3D. The 3D effect is not the one you see in cinema these day. The one present in this consists of old 3D which was in Blue and Red.You can see the sample below.

Once you are done with the editing, now you can even share the App with your loved ones in numerous ways. The ways are shown below:

After reading and seeing about this awesome App, You must give it a shot. The App is available for Download in iTunes Store for $0.99 (Discounted Price for Today only) for iPhone/iPod.

Download FX Photo Studio for iPhone/iPod (iTunes Link)

And for iPad, The App is available for $2.99.

Download FX Photo Studio for iPad (iTunes Link)

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