Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

FX Photo Studio App Goes On Sale Two Days Before Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner and every has planned to buy as much as products they can on this Black Friday. Mostly people and stores will be putting things on sale on Black Friday. It is very rarely seen that few things are put on sale before Black Friday. This Friday, Apple has also got something to give you. They have pushed out banners on its stores all around the globe saying,” Every Gift List Has Its Day“. We can expect some pretty good discounts on iPad/iPhone/iPod and MAC’s. If you are planning to buy up something then wait till this Friday and grab as much as you can.

Before you go and stand in line for the Black Friday out side the stores and buy stuffs, gifts and etc for your self, you should visit the App Store and see for the Apps gone on sale before Black Friday or on Black Friday. You will find very few Apps which are on sale. To find the best Apps will be difficult but you can find them. Like this the FX Photo Studio App for iPhone went on sale two days before the Black Friday. Today FX Photo Studio went on sale for $0.99(0.69 pounds, 0.79 euros) on App Store for a limited period. The limited period doesn’t ends after the Black Friday ends.

The sale is for full 6 days. The sale ends on Monday. When every thing will be finished and went out of stock and you still got some bucks to spend, you can check for this App and buy this App. If you want to know about the App that how it works or looks like, you can see our full review here.

If you are a regular reader of FreakGeeks, so you must be aware of the face that there is an International iPhoneography contest going to be held in December. The event is organized by Fx Photo Studio. You can find the details here. To enter in the competition an win amazing prices like  Apple iTunes gift cards, instant discounts for Calendagrams and GYMBLs by YouBiq, Olloclip lens, customized iPhone cases from LikeMyCase, free copies of Instadesk for Mac and software by MacPhun LLC, iPik.Cases, DOTs from Kogeto to record fully immersive 360 videos right on iPhone, five book copies of Create Great iPhone Photos, all you have to do is spend $0.99 and make your chance in the contest.

You can download the App from App Store for $0.99. (iTunes Link). And don’t forget that we are the friends and partner of FX Photo Studio in their upcoming iPhoneography event.