Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Future SMS Lets You Send SMS On Your Chosen Date (Cydia Tweak)

Ever wanted to wish some one Happy Birthday on their Birthday and you get busy in some stuff and forgot to wish them? Ever wanted to send some one SMS in near future and you forgot about what you wanted to send them?

These things do happen in our daily lives. even I have faced these problems many times. Like this you all must have went through this type of this things. But now you don’t have to pass these things any more.

Once again thanks to Jailbreaking community and Cydia for providing a handy Tweak Future SMS for iPhone which lets you send SMS for latter time. With this Tweak you can write the message before hand and send them on the specific date.

The App works in a simple way:

  • Enter the contact’s number or select it from the telephone receiver;
  • Write the text message directly from this application and then schedule it;
  • Select the date and time in which to send the SMS.

When you are done with these steps, all you have to do is save to sending list and you are done. This will send the SMS to recipient on the time and date you have selected.

This is a very useful Tweak for all those who forget things and want to tell some one something and they forget on time. This Tweak can also be used as a reminder for your self in a way that you can schedule an SMS for your self about the thing you need to be reminded.

The Tweak is available in Cydia under Modmyi repo.