Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Angry Birds Like Other Free Apps With In-App Ads Are Battery Hogs

A wide number of users had been already using the free applications on the iOS devices, especially few popular iOS games and applications that are equipped with in-app advertisements using the Apple’s and Google advance advertising on the different users iOS devices. It is reported that most of the free applications act like an energy hog on your devices, and eat up to 70% of your device energy battery life while using the applications that are connected with the internet to bring new ads randomly after every refresh of the page or window.

An interesting fact comes into knowledge by a team led by Abhinav Pathak, a computer boffin at Purdue University, Indiana, the team discovers that free applications with the large number of advertisements on your device eat more than 65%-75% battery life of your device, in the easy words, the team claims the free apps like Angry Birds, and Facebook may actually cost you more than their actual price in the App Store. It is reported that around a large number of free applications come with in-app advertisements on the iOS devices to seed their developers with advertisement earnings, and leaving the App Store earning at the side.

The researchers over the team have tested the same tests with other platforms as well, including the Android and Windows Mobile, and found out that the same problems apply on the iOS devices. According to the team, the problem actually arises when an app actually switches the GPS chip on your device, or asks the device to access the SD card slots to access the data over the external cards.

However, the Apple’s iPhone equipped with pretty greater battery life for the smartphones, but still the researchers quoted that most of the free applications that actually access the advertisements eat battery life of the device, and costs more than itself. The research team claims that some applications available in the App Store can easily drain your whole iPhone battery life in just 90 minutes, so next time before going to install the free app on your device must think about it.