Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

See How an iPad is Made and Tested Before Making Its Way To Market (VIDEO)

Around two or more months ago that a reporter from ABC’s gets very first approval from Apple and Foxconn to visit the land, and develop a report about the Foxconn employee’s condition in the iPad production plants in Foxconn factories, the report made a lot of buzzes around the world, as it carries a little negative gossip regarding the Apple and Foxconn over the iPad production. But later, another reporter comes to know the insights of the report, and exposed the internal values in the media to chill down the activists around the world.

However, the Marketplace’s reporter also received a permission to visit the Foxconn factories and reveal the insight reports of the factory condition. The reporter had allowed to visit the production chain, and units, where the new iPad production is goings-on, and now today after a detail report the reporter finally posted a video-online for the users to see how their new iPad is being produced and tested before making its way out in the public.

Rob Schmitz, Shanghai Bureau Chief of Marketplace has finally emerged a report with insight video of the factory featuring the most secure production plan in the media, and exposes the real work behind the production of iPad in the Foxconn’s iPad assembly line. Schmitz’s report on the production plant surely cools down many rising points against the factory work, and as well as featured the main point behind the negative views regarding the China’s biggest company.

Let me share the video with you, and let you speak about your views on the report: