Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Foxconn To Replace Its Workers With One Million Robots

Company behind the Apple’s product success, Foxconn has today announced that they will take a big step slowly in the period of next 3 years, where they have planned to replace its unspecified amount of hard working workers with around one million robots. Foxconn is one of the biggest manufacturer companies of Asia, who manufacture many companies’ products. According to the company statement, these robots will be used to cut the rising labor cost and improve the efficiency of company.

The robots will be used to do simple and routine work such as spraying, welding and assembling which are now mainly conducted by workers, said Gou

According to the stats of Foxconn, currently they have 10,000 robots along with 1.2 million people worker, at this time we can’t confirm you that how many jobs will be replaced by the robots.